William Jeffers (born 1917) bought an old van for £50 in 1937. He was supplied with bread from Thompson's Bakery and built up a run, canvassing around the doors with baskets of bread.

Typical prices at this time:

  • Soda Farls - 4 for 3d
  • Pastry - 14 for 1s
  • Barmbrack - 3 for 5d or 2d each
  • Loaf - 2 for 4d or 7.5d each

In the following years the bread run expanded to include five vans.

In 1950 William Jeffers bought over Yuilles Home Bakery in Glebe Road in Dunmurry.

In 1963 when William's son, Martin, finished school, he served his time as an apprentice baker and bought the Gleb Road Bakery. This was managed by Margaret Jeffers and Dorte Jeffers.

In 1973 Martin bought another Bakery shop and coffee house in Kingsway, Dunmurry.

1974 Martin bought Smartt's Home Bakery in Market Square, Lisburn. This became the main headquarters for baking and distribution.

In the years following, the business grew to include shops in Longstone Street and Grand Street in Lisburn; Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy and Lisburn Road Belfast making a total of 6 shops.

In 1992 Martin's son Andrew joined the family tradition of bakers and currently runs Jeffers Home Bakery. Since then another successful bakery shop in College Street, Belfast has been added to the business.